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Shandong Lehua Aluminium-Plastic Products Co., Ltd established on 1st July 1998 and with its predecessor Weifang Lehua Changle Aluminium –Plastic Products Co., Ltd, is one of the earlist aluminium composite panel manufacturers in China. The company located in the middle of Shandong Peninsula, 10km far from the beautiful kite capital city Weifang. The company has very convenient transportation because its location is next to jiaoji railway, 5km far from jiqing highway and near to 309 National Road.
The company has invested 50 million rmb to intruduce three most advanced aluminum composite panel production line from Germany, with an annual output of 3 million square meters aluminum composite panels including Lehua, Le Liya, Haishang Jixiang brand inside and outside wall aluminum composite panel, fireproof aluminum-plastic plate, nano self cleaning aluminum plate. The company is armed with strong technical force by having 10 senior engineers and 30 skilled technicians. [More>]

Project Case

  • Harbin international exhibition center

  • Jinan Digital Plaza


    The company sets up comprehensively business idea which satisfies the customer as the core, promote diversification on marketing way unceasingly, keep improving service level.

    On quality of product, we keep our promise according to international standard to improve our confidence level on quality. Recently years our product was well received by consumers and obtained the certificate of adopting the international standard product symbol, standardized good behavior certificate, certificate of qualified measures.

    We promise we will carry out entire process order following service to ensure the quality of product and provide best product and service customer, you are welcomed to visit our company. [More>]
ADD:North Street East Station Shanshui Road,Zhuliu Subdistrict,Changle county.
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